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Healthy, Home-made, home grown Meals
We cater to parties of 1-12 people.
All preserves, pickles and pastries made in house!!
Special diets welcome.
Dinner: $25.00 per person Hot, delicious, home-made meal including appetizer, entrée, dessert, and beverage
Lunch: $15.00 per person includes soup, sandwich, dessert, and beverage
Breakfast: $12.50 includes juice, fruit plate, muffins, toast, hot entrée and bottom-less cup of coffee or tea

*All prices do NOT include TAX or gratuities* - Prices are subject to change without notice.

SPA Facilities & Wellness Stations

EndlessPool™ & Hot Tub
Like swimming in a river! $10
Package of 10 $70
Bring towels or Towel Rental $2.50 ea.
Sauna Infrared 30 - 40 min $25
MOOR Mud Bath $25
Chi or Oscillate Machine $25
Ion Cleanse & Chi or Oscillate Machine $45
Ion Cleanse Detoxify $40
Pkg of 10 $250
Panasonic Massage Chair $20
Guided Meditation/Visualization $20
Introduction to Deep Breathing $10
Registered Massage Therapy $85
Certified Reflexology Treatment $60

LaserAid by Anne Finlay

Stop Smoking in 1 Treatment!$300
Weight Management$100
Anxiety, Depression, Pain$100

Nutritional Support Retail Store

Professional Grade Only products from Canadian companies to choose from.

Alternative Health by Leah Finlay

Hi, my name is Leah Finlay.

I'm a Holistic Health Expert with over 20 years’ experience helping people from all walks of life to get fast relief from symptoms and get their health back on track, permanently.

Custom Wellness Programs

  1. Identify the root cause of your health issues.
  2. Clean up and Repair the damage so you can assimilate nutrition and eliminate toxins efficiently.
  3. Rebalance your system with the missing elements so you feel great in your body and live the life you love again!

We begin with a full health analysis. This includes a 1:1 ‘office or virtual home visit’ with me here at the clinic or online via Skype. From there I’ll create your custom 90-day health protocol (tailored specifically to your individual symptoms and health requirements). You’ll get full step-by-step instructions (so there’s no guesswork involved), 90 days of unlimited access to me and my health library via email (so you can ask questions and get support whenever you need it) AND a telephone or virtual follow up visit (to make sure you stay on track).

No needles!
No blood tests!
No saliva tests!
No stool samples!
No shipping fees!
No lab fees!

As you move systematically through the program, you’ll get complete confidence about how to maintain your new health and energy with minimal effort. You'll now avoid the yo-yo effect that willpower and fad diets have delivered in the past, and know how to take your health from strength to strength -- so things like doctors & therapists visits, endless prescription drugs, band-aid remedies, and the frightening prospect of surgery, are all a thing of the past. As a bonus, most of my clients report feeling less bloat and more energy within the first week, losing on average somewhere between 5-7 pounds in the process. But more than that… the most important thing... is that you end up with a life you love (and are fully engaged in) again. Does that feel like what you might be looking for?

Step 1) FREE introduction to my "No Nonsense Wellness" method.
Enter your Name and best Email Address for this Complimentary, 20 minute, Video delivered to your inbox; "The 3 Essential Steps to Optimal Health".

Step 2) Wellness Strategy Session Application Apply Here
If you like what you've learned about achieving your health goals and my approach to a resolution, the next step is to apply for a Wellness Discovery Session. If we are a 'good fit' this will become very clear.

Step 3) Wellness Discovery Session Complimentary Call
If you’re accepted for a session, I promise you'll come away with a clearer idea of what's REALLY going on in your body AND some simple, practical options for fast relief of symptoms and achieving the health and wellness you deserve. Once we both agree to work together we will continue to the next step.

Step 4) 90 Day Custom Wellness Program
These are Custom Created Programs for each Individual so there is no way of knowing the costs involved without more information. Your investment rate will be discussed during the Discovery Session call.

Step 1) Enter Name and best Email Address


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