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Different Organs, Glands and Systems Feed and Clean at different times.

We should be awake, alert and full of energy all day without any lag time. At night we should rest comfortably without tossing and turning, waking or having to get up. If you feel tired during the day or have a hard time sleeping during the night - TAKE NOTE OF THE TIME !

Every organ, gland or system feeds and cleans at different times of the day and night. For example: if you feel tired at noon your heart is having some trouble feeding and it takes more energy to do that job, therefore you feel tired.

  • if you feel tired between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, your bladder is having trouble.
  • if you feel tired between 5 and 7 in the afternoon, your kidney is having trouble.
    And during the night, if you toss and turn and wake up at
  • 1 - 3AM you have a liver problem
  • 3 - 5AM you have a lung problem
  • 5 - 7AM you have a large intestine problem  
    As your body cleans and repairs you will be full of energy all day and sleep peacefully all night.

Here are some symptoms of troubled organs:

  • Heart : tired all the time, poor circulation, poor memory, feel cold, cold hands, cold feet.
  • Bladder : burning during urination, foul odor, weight gain.
  • Kidney : swollen hands or feel the urge to urinate at night, lower back pain, laugh or cough and lose a bit of water (women), urinate and think you are done but get a dribble later (men), headaches.
  • Liver : toss and turn at night, wake up a lot, poor night vision, bright lights bother your eyes, can lead to cataracts, glycoma and many more.
  • Lung : tired, shallow breathing, asthma, light headed        ....... the list is endless.


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