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The Pathway to Vitality

We need to start by following the path that food takes through the system.

Before we even start to put food into our mouth we must be aware that the food itself is lacking in nutritional value.

Did you know Agriculture Canada released information to our government years ago stating that our soils are depleted of essential nutrients. One example: you would have to eat 75 bowls of spinach today to get the same iron content in 1 bowl of spinach just 50 years ago! That doesn’t leave a lot of room for dessert.

When I first started my research in 1985 I didn’t believe in supplementation. Further research has led me to the importance of that subject. Even if we don’t eat processed foods there isn’t enough nutrition in food. We need to supplement! Alternative Health

We live in a fast paced society.
We eat food too fast and we eat fast food.
Almost everything we eat seems to come from a can, box, freezer, microwave or a drive-thru window. If this food had any nutritional value or enzyme action in it to begin with, it certainly does not now that it has been processed in these ways.

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Let's take a look at this Time Scale

How many people do you know that chew each mouthful of food for one full minute?
Chewing your food sends signals to the brain telling it how much digestive fluids are needed to digest the food that is going into the stomach. For example, if you eat an 8oz steak and chew and gulp it down only enough to tell the brain there was 3oz then the body doesn’t have enough digestive fluids to break down the food enough to get nutritional value from it.

Also, chewing signals the brain as to what kind of digestive juices are needed in the stomach. For example: When you eat protein your body produces an acid to break it down; when you eat starch your body produces an alkaline.

Alternative Health Another reason why proper food combining is so important: when your body produces both an acid and an alkaline they neutralize each other and your food rots instead of being digested into the system to feed your body. There goes the typical meat & potatoes supper we are so fond of! The only way to bypass this reaction is to take digestive enzymes before meals; they break down the starches first and then the body produces the acid needed to break down the protein. In other words, we can cheat rather than deprive our bodies. You will be pleasantly surprised how good you feel when you properly combine foods: you don't get that full, bloated "oh... I ate too much", tired feeling. You feel fueled & energized.


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