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Laser-Stop Smoking...

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Laser Therapy
Safe, painless, and drug free. Invisible laser is used to stimulate acupuncture and acupressure points on the body. Because these points are located from head to toe we recommend loose fitting clothing so the client does not need to disrobe. The therapist needs to reach points above the knee and the middle of the chest.

Laser therapy is successfully used for weight loss, anxiety, stress, pain and digestion, as well as treating addictions such as smoking. We have successfully treated disorders and addictions including drugs, alcohol, and self-mutilation.

‘LaserAid by Anne Finlay’
We are different from any other clinic out there. We ourselves are EX-SMOKERS so we completely understand what you are going through. We combine counselling, detoxifying herbs, and depleted nutritionals to support your plan. This ensures a smooth and energized success.

Cold Laser Therapy
Competitors VS ‘LaserAid By Anny Finlay’

Appointment time is limited to 20-30 minutes at many clinics. Allow one full hour for your treatment.
Weight, metabolism, and anxiety points cost an extra fee at most clinics. All appetite suppressant points are included.
All metabolism points are included.
All anxiety points are included.
In many cases you are not informed about what you are to expect or how to cope. The first 30-40 minutes are designed to give you the tools that you need to succeed. You will know exactly what to expect and what to do (and not do). You are not on your own. Should you need a little reminder we are just a phone call away. The laser treatment itself is a minimum of 20 minutes. Feel free to ask any questions, anytime.
Promises of another treatment days later. Many clinics are offering further treatments ranging from two (2) additional treatments to additional treatments within two (2) months. You are not set up for failure by being offered a “do-over” or a “booster” like other clinics offer. This is absolutely unnecessary and only plants a poisonous seed in your mind, leading to frustration and failure. We ensure that you have everything you need to beat this once and for all, the first time!

We offer UNLIMITED support. On very rare occasions a client may experience a very difficult time in their life and look toward smoking as a solution. Every client is instructed to pick up the phone BEFORE they pick up a cigarette. We are there for you and know exactly what to say or do to help you overcome.

Our success is your success!
Vital detoxifying and replacement supplements are an additional cost or not mentioned. We include a supplement package, tailored to YOUR specific needs, at no extra cost.

There are literally thousands of chemicals your body will be expelling so we help this process along, as well as replenishing the vital nutrients your body is starved of as a smoker.

Price Guarantee
Our rate is less than any other clinic, GUARANTEED! We will meet or beat any regular priced treatment that is lower than ours, we promise. Just provide proof at the time of your treatment.

Please call or click today and kick the habit once and for all! Enjoy a smoke-free lifestyle!

Our History
We opened our first “Stop Smoking Clinic” in 1985. We offered a 5-day smoking cessation treatment that was very effective and highly successful. However, in 1988 Anne trained and qualified as a laser technician with Cold Laser Therapy. At ‘LaserAid By Anne Finlay’ we prefer this method for several reasons and I would like to share those with you.

Cessation VS Laser Cessation

The treatments are administered approximately the same time each day for five (5) consecutive days. Stop smoking in one hour. That’s it. You arrive as a smoker, and leave a non-smoker.
The treatments require that the client puffs on cigarettes while undergoing counsel and direction. Although the client no longer inhales each drag, both the client and the aid are exposed to a degree of second hand smoke despite the installation of proper ventilation. The treatment is very relaxing, painless, and smoke free. Have your last puff before you arrive because the moment your treatment begins you are on the path to becoming a non-smoker for the rest of your life.
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