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Take the "dis" out of disease - ease away from pain and prescriptions and into the Symptom Free Life you long for!

Symptoms are a signal from your body that something is wrong.
(according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other ancient methods used globally for centuries)

Have you gone to a Doctor or Naturopath with a whole list of symptoms? I have too. And what do they do? They prescribe something to treat the symptoms, right? And usually that prescription comes with a warning of side effects. Now you have to go back to treat the side effects. If they don't know what's causing the trouble they may want you to take an antidepressant. Have you seen the side effects you get from them? No thank you!

North American Medicine ... drugs - surgery - bury
Stop the cycle! Get away from this trap!

Don't tell me - I'll tell you
Long story short = I happened upon a different method that changed my life. I then trained in this method and have been helping others since 1998.

Do NOT tell me any of your symptoms or the "diseases" you have been labeled with. I do not want to be bias or influenced in any way until after I have completed your analysis. I do this by examining your fingernails, skin, tongue, and eyes. This can be done with photos from your iPad or detailed descriptions over the phone or Skype. From this I am able to determine THE CAUSE of your symptoms and the METHODS for reversing them.

Uniquely Individual
We will determine many Do's and Do Not's including foods and supplements that may or may not be beneficial for YOU, at this time. This will give you a clear plan for what is best for you to eat and what to avoid, as well as what to supplement, how much to take, when to take it, and for how long. This is called Analysis and Protocol development, and it is tailored to you as a unique individual. One size DOES NOT fit all! What works for you more than likely would not work for me.

Three easy steps!
There are three steps to this process. Clean, Repair, Maintain. Just like if you were to restore an older vehicle or piece of furniture, Time and Effort goes into it, but Maintenance is easy.

Once we set up your personal health protocol we don't leave you hanging. There are many tweaks along your journey that you will find very helpful. Yes, very valuable tips, and guidance, used to coach you through this process to make it as effortless as possible. The end goal = transformation, From Suffering to Symptom Free!

Free 20 minute Strategy Session
I invite you to a free Strategy Session to see if we are a good fit. There is no obligation and you will gain valuable information from this session even if you opt-out of your Analysis and Protocol Development at this time.

Yes, I want to book a free Strategy Session!

We do not diagnose,
We Analyze.
We do not prescribe,
We Suggest.

Wellness Retreat and Health in Hanover
Wellness Retreat and Health in Hanover

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