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Body Signs

Different Organs, Glands and Systems Feed and Clean at different times.

Different Organs, Glands and Systems Feed and Clean at different times.

What are the symptoms of a bowel problem?

Constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc....., every single symptom from A to Z can be a result of bowel trouble. Symptoms can range from annoying headaches, heartburn, itchy-dry skin to the more serious; allergies, arthritis, cancer and the list goes on.

A health consultant can detect what is going on in the body by reading signs from the body. We look at fingernails, skin, teeth and tongue; the whites, coloured parts and pupils in the eyes as well as muscle test.

What can be done to eliminate bowel problems that cause these symptoms?

There are three important factors:

1. Herbal blends play a very important role in the body. These herbal blends are designed to clean by absorbing toxins and removing them from the body. They also feed the body nutrition so it can heal itself and start functioning properly. The result symptoms disappear! Different herbs target different organs, glands and systems in the body, therefore, different formulas target different weaknesses. 7 times less herbs are needed to maintain a healthy body than to clean one.

2. Enzymes (digestive enzymes) help the body to break down food for proper absorption. They also act as an army in your blood cleaning up the bacteria, acids, viruses etc that shouldn’t be there. If we don’t eat properly, ( fresh, raw, organic or properly combine food) we need to take enzymes!

3. Bacteria (friendly flora) in the bowel is necessary to fight off the bad bacteria that can make us ill. We are supposed to have 85% good bacteria fighting 15% bad bacteria in the intestinal track. We, in North America, are opposite. What kinds of things kill the friendly bacteria? Anti-biotics, coffee, chocolate, nicotine and chlorine. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of replacing this army of friendly bacteria in your intestinal track and regaining the proper balance you body needs.

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