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The relationship between the body and the colon is very important to understand. We need both nutrition from the intestinal track and electricity from the brain to live and function.


You may have had Reflexology in the past or at least heard of it. I like to explain it this way: If I were to work on your feet you would feel some spots that hurt and others that feel good. All these spots have nerve endings that correspond with another organ, gland or system in the body.
Reflexology Chart
   Reflexology Chart
I was impressed to learn that the layout of the feet are the same pattern as the layout of our bodies. For example: starting from the top of our toes working toward the bottom of our heel we would be working on nerves corresponding with the head, neck, throat, lungs etc.

Iridology is the study of the Iris of the eye (the color part) and how it relates to other areas in the body.

Iridology Chart
   Iridology Chart

Different shapes and colors and where they are tell us what is going on inside the body. Lets take a closer look at the intestine area in the iris.
Prolapsed Eye
Notice that the "bowel" in this eye is shaped the same as the one described earlier as "Prolapsed"
Prolapsed Bowel
Diverticuli Eye
The pockets in the iris represent "Diverticuli" which are little interferences in the large intestine.  Diverticuli Bowel
Strictures Eye
"Strictures" cause a jam in the intestine,blocking electricity. Stricture Bowel
Colitis Eye The bulges indicate "Colitis". Colitis Bowel
Bowel Chart Lets look at the layout on this bowel chart: each little section of the bowel corresponds with another part of the body and the layout is the same: top to bottom - head to toe.


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