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Leah Finlay~Anne Finlay
What a TEAM!

Both of these ladies lived, what they believed to be healthy, active lifestyles. Coincidentally they each experienced an illness that became a serious health crisis. This pushed them towards a life journey in self-discovery and self-healing. Today not only are they living healthy active lives, but also they are using their combined skills and experiences to help others on their own health trek.

Leah Finlay has become a knowledgeable practitioner in Sho Tai, which is a complete blend of centuries old techniques used to analyze the body and discover and treat the causes of ones symptoms.

Anne Finlay became a Certified Laser Aid technician 1988 and has had great success in treating others to stop smoking, loose weight, treat anxiety and a host of other symptoms and addictions.

These two ladies have worked as each others right hand for so many years you can speak to either one of them about any and all of your health symptoms or concerns and you will get the same explanation.

“To date we have 7 guest books full of details our guests have experienced and expressed. It is truly rewarding to be at your service! You will arrive here like you are coming home, and you will leave here feeling refreshed, renewed, and invigorated.”

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Leah Finlay Anne Finlay

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