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Take the "Dis" out of "Dis-Ease."
Ease away from Pain, Poor Sleep, & Low Energy, into a Symptom Free Life

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What would you be doing if you were symptom free?
How would you feel?
So, what's stopping you?
We help you Improve your health so you can Choose the Life You Long For


Quit Smoking without Cravings
Lose weight without Dieting
Relieve yourself from the struggle of addiction, anxiety or access weight.


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Mom's Bed and Breakfast

"Work, Rest, or Play - Thee Place To Stay"

Guest: "What do you do to your breakfast potatoes!?, they are to die for!"

Imagine the best sleep you've had in a very long time! How can you top that?

How about the mouth-watering aroma of freshly brewed coffee as you descend down the stairs. Your eyes are delighted to see the fresh fruit platter beside the freshly baked goods. Don't dive in too deep! There's a complete, hot, home-made breakfast coming your way! Mom's cooking has guests returning again and again!
Bring your appetite :)

A Great alternative to Hotels and Motels!

No 11am Check-Out Time

"Take your time leaving, but Hurry Back!"

A wellness retreat takes you away to a place that offers delicious yet nutritious food; an environment that you can both relax and re-energize in and surroundings, activities and people that inspire you. A place where you can fill your own well of creativity, and that helps integrate the fragmented parts of your stressed-out being and reconnect with a sense of trust and renewal of purpose.

A wellness retreat creates wholeness, re-confirming your faith that you are part of something big, profound and beautiful. Suddenly everything comes into a startling new focus. Those perfect moments - those healing, whole, enlightening, times-out-of-times Ė do exist. They can happen right here. They renew, re-integrate and recharge the body, mind and spirit.

With the perilous state of the world and our lives today, an escape for a week, a weekend, or even a weekday, with the purpose of tending to oneís wellness, is more than ever necessary.

Does that seem like a great deal to expect from a retreat? Well, we have it all right here at Alternative Health Spa Wellness Retreat located in Hanover, Ontario. In an unlikely spot, this gem is located in the hub of south-western Ontario, just 2.5 hours from Toronto.

We also invite you to the same experience yet you may choose from the A LA CART menu of Momís Bed & Breakfast. Thatís right! You may book an all inclusive package or only the rooms and services you desire. The choice is yours. So call or click today, weíll be waiting...

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